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Liquid Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding is a revolutionary coating system that’s been protecting homes across America for nearly three decades. Originally developed over 45years ago in Great Britain as a replacement for regular paint, it has become America’s leading spray on vinyl coating since first being manufactured in the USA in 1985.


Why waste money continuously painting when you can apply this unique coating and never need to paint again? Paint does not last as long as it used to and needs to be re-applied more frequently. Liquid Vinyl Siding™ is a permanent coating system manufactured with a proprietary formulation of vinyl resins and polymer that was developed to last a lifetime. LVS has a natural appearance without looking fake or artificial. Its smooth-to-the-touch finish and anti-static nature prevents dirt buid-up, keeping your home cleaner. Liquid Vinyl Siding™ looks luxurious and will maintain a ‘freshly painted’  look. Conventional paint does not provide adequate protection. If a home is not maintained with a fresh coat of paint, surfaces become weather damaged and the home begins to look unsightly. Repainting every few years is expensive and collecting bids and dealing with unreliable painters is time consuming. As a result, homeowners are waiting longer before repainting leaving surfaces unprotected. This can lead to costly repairs. Liquid Vinyl Siding™ is a permanent solution  that puts an end to the hassle of painting. No more painting bills, no more expensive repairs or constantly replacing rotten boards; and best of all, a maintenance-free exterior that stays looking great. With decades of performance history behind it, Liquid Vinyl Siding™ has proven to be the ‘ULTIMATE EXTERIOR COATING’.


Over 10X thicker than conventional paint, Liquid Vinyl Siding™ provides superior protection in any climate. It can be applied over most paintable surfaces or used to rejuvenate old, faded vinyl and aluminum siding. The 2-part coating system consists of a special bonder formulated with adhesives and vinyl activators and a thick layer of the vinyl color coat. Liquid Vinyl is waterproof and durable. It has superb flexibility allowing it to expand and contract with substrates without cracking or peeling, even in extreme weather conditions. Authorized dealers install Liquid Vinyl Siding™ with a 30‑Year Warranty backed by the manufacturer guaranteeing that it will not blister, split, crack, flake or peel.

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